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Blog Post: Friday, October 31, 2014: See no cyclist, Hear no cyclist, Think no cyclist

Blog Post: Saturday, October 11, 2014: 15 minutes of West Wales with the Fly6 “Bum Cam”

Jeremy Clulow and Meg the Welsh Terrier

You may be here because you’ve followed a link to one of my periodic blog ramblings. If I’m lucky you are here because you need a website, so you will be interested in what I do and how much I charge. You will also be interested in what makes my sites good, so here are a few features and some recent examples:

  • good design: how the site looks and how the information is organised.
  • Search Engine friendliness: so that Google and the others can find and catalogue your site easily
  • high accessibility: enabling less able users to enjoy your site
  • content management: allowing site owners to create and edit pages through their web browser
  • ongoing support: for when training is needed or stuff happens and you need help and advice.

Click screen shot to visit site and view below for more information.

Welsh Language e-learning website for Preseli School
Tim Bowen Antiques
Tim Bowen Antiques
Fine Welsh Furniture, Ferryside
Menter Cwm Gwendraeth Elli
Promoting language and culture, the needs of the individual and the community
Leehurst Swan School Salisbury
Leehurst Swan School, Salisbury
Independent Co-educational Day School Ages 2-16
Shear Bothies
Bespoke ecological spaces
Beacon Stoves
Teifi Valley Woodburning stove supplier
Cenarth Falls Holiday Park
Cenarth Falls Holiday Park
Holiday park in the Teifi Valley
Small Time Miniatures
Small Time
Fine Scale Miniatures
Disability Wales
Disability Wales
Organisation of disability groups and allies from across Wales.
The Maker’s Mark
Exceptional crafts, Newcastle Emlyn

Please enjoy your stay here and feel free to contact me, Jeremy Clulow, at any time. If I can’t provide what you need I can probably point you in the direction of someone who can.

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