fly6-bum-camBeen testing my new Fly6 backlight/HD camera. It was invented a year ago by two Australians and is now sold from the USA. It’s intended to both warn drivers their behaviour is being recorded and provide evidence if a cyclist is hit from behind.

The Fly6 records hours of video (depending on the size of the micro SD card used) in 15 minute blocks for easy viewing later. Freezing the film allows number plates to be easily read. (The YouTube video is far less clear then the source HD video from the Fly6). More information on the Fly6 website.

The Highway Code Rule 163 explains how overtaking cyclists should be done. On my daily rides I find that a minority of drivers have the patience and empathy with the cyclist to  do overtaking properly. The majority overtake too close and a small percentage overtake cyclists as if they were a minor static road hazard. Their approach seems to be that, providing you don’t actually hit the object, then that’s OK.  I’ve also instances of big 4×4’s trying to “squeeze past” on single track stretches of road, rather than wait 30 seconds for a passing place.



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