On 3rd June I was woken up at 4.30 in the morning by the cacophony coming through the open bedroom window. It was just the birds celebrating another summers day! I popped into the office and got my Olympus digital voice recorder and placed it on the lawn for half an hour. Here is a 5 minute extract from that wall of bird sound (Eat your heart out Phil Spector). Click the button below to hear it, or download by right clicking the link and “save as”.

Download Dawn Chorus in the Cych Valley West Wales

If you have an email programme which plays a sound when new mail arrives, here is a 15 second clip of this birdsong, nicely faded at the beginning and the end for you to use. For instructions on how to use it in Outlook, go here and in Thunderbird, go here.

You can download the clip in WAV format by clicking here. (WAV should work in all Email programmes)

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