Carmarthenshire NewsThe March-April 2012 edition of Carmarthenshire’s official propaganda* sheet “Carmarthenshire News” dropped on my mat this week. I’ll leave it to others to trawl through it and expose the reality behind the rose-tinted image it promotes. Personally I don’t care if every word in it was true and written by the Almighty himself, I just don’t want plastic wrapped junk mail dropping through my letterbox.

Out of the letterbox, into the recycling bag

The 2001 census states that Carmartheshire has 73,100 households. Each household I presume receives a copy of Carmarthenshire News which weighs a convenient 100 grammes, (95g paper and 5g plastic wrapper). This means each issue uses 7,000 kilos (7 tonnes) of paper and 300 kilos of plastic. Each year that’s 42 tonnes of paper and 1.8 tonnes of plastic.

So what can we do about it?

If you want to read Carmarthenshire News but not contribute to the waste mountain, you could  read it online instead, then stop the printed copy from being delivered. To do this, simply email Delna M Hockenhull the Communications Manager for  Carmarthenshire News at with your postal address and ask to be removed from the distribution list. I did just that this week and (apart from her spelling my name wrong) I think I got a result:

Dear Mr Cludlow,

Following on from your email to the contact centre in regards to the Carmarthenshire News I am able to let you know that I have now notified the distribution company of your request and as of the May edition your address will no longer receive the newspaper.

D Hockenhull

This may not solve the overall problem quickly, but at least if enough people do it it might cause them to reduce their print run.

I’m posting this on Twitter with the hashtag #carmarthenshirenews.


* Propaganda is a form of communication that is aimed at influencing the attitude of a community toward some cause or position.

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